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Our history

The rubber factory owes its origin to the Aachen company Pongs & Co, which relocated its production of meteorological balloons to Imst in Tyrol in January 1944 under the direction of Hans Feger. After the war, production was resumed in 1946.
After a change of shareholders, Bruno Czermak and Hans Feger founded today's rubber factory Czermak & Feger in 1949. In addition to toy balloons, rubber pants, rubber gloves and rubber figures, rubber compounds were also produced for the toy industry.
The Gummiwerk is the first company in the world that was able to produce sophisticated figure balloons and did pioneering work in the production of printed advertising balloons made of natural rubber latex up to a diameter of over 2m. In the rubber factory, high-quality screen printing technology for balloons was developed in a pioneering role. The rubber plant gradually expanded its business areas in the processing and application of natural rubber latex. Today the company is active in many areas from medical technology to aerospace, both with seamless rubber articles and with the compounding of rubber compounds.

Another important area is the development and manufacture of very special items that are manufactured using the immersion process according to customer specifications. Highly specialized tools for use in isostatic presses and customer-specific latex mixtures, for example for the textile and paper industry, are developed and manufactured. The rubber works Czermak & Feger is a recognized know-how carrier in the processing of natural rubber latex and a reliable partner for the development and application of natural latex from the sports and toy industry, in mechanical engineering, to medical technology and space technology.