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The suffering with the masks
The suffering with the masks
The suffering with the masks
Whether shopping, walking, or in the park. Mouth and nose protection is everywhere. The mask doesn't always do all of that. Disposable masks are quickly soaked through and do not offer permanent protection. Others sit uncomfortably under the eyes and cut into them. If the mask is comfortable, it can be soiled by briefly touching it. Cloth masks can be washed, but this takes time before they can be used again. In addition, many are expensive and not environmentally friendly. Especially since these are usually brought to Austria by plane.

Our mouth and nose protection

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Made of natural rubber - adapts perfectly to the shape of the face
  • the MNS material itself is waterproof and thus inhibits virus penetration
  • Material certified according to DIN EN 71
  • does not become damp over time (breathing air / external influences) like conventional mouthguards and loses its protective function
  • also no danger of accidentally touching the outside of the mouth and nose protection
  • can be individually designed / adapted
  • can accommodate a wide variety of deposits
  • is reusable
  • can be easily washed off with soap or cleaned in the washing machine (60-95°)
  • Inexpensive alternative to disposable masks
  • is absolutely environmentally friendly because it is biodegradable
Our protection adapts to your face. Simply cut to the desired shape with scissors.
Great comfort
Great comfort
Great comfort
Insert a tissue, for example. This absorbs the moist breathing air under the mouth and nose protection and can be exchanged without much effort and, depending on the material, washed and reused or disposed of. This means that the fogging of glasses can largely be avoided.
Highest security
Highest security
Highest security
The material of the mouth and nose protection is certified according to DIN EN 71. This standard tests the safety of toys. This also assumes that children put toys in their mouths and is therefore strictly designed.
Suitable size
Suitable size
Suitable size
Every head is individual. Accordingly, we offer our mask in 3 sizes:

S     = 12,0 – 14,0 cm
M    = 13,5 – 15,5 cm
L     = 15,0 – 17,0 cm

Product details

MaterialNatural rubber (DIN EN 71 certified)
SizesSmall, Medium, Large
PackagingIndividually packed, size: 10 x 17 cm with euro holes
Display variant 130 single packs of MNS, each in one color, in one size
Display variant 230 single packs with MNS in one color each, with three sizes, 10 pieces each S / M / L
Minimum quantitiesSingle, without display: 100 pieces
Individually, in a display with 30 pieces each: 90 pieces
With print: 1,000 pieces


What should be considered when using an MNS?

Mouth and nose protection has to meet numerous requirements. These include:

  • The mouth and nose protection should fit as closely as possible and completely cover the mouth and nose.
  • If a conventional mouth-nose protection is moistened with breathing air, it must be changed or disposed of.
  • Common mouth-nose protection and FFP masks are single-use items, the protective effect of which is not guaranteed if they are used several times.
  • An MNS, the material of which can absorb moisture, should not be touched from the outside, as it is precisely in this way that the germs that were not previously inhaled are absorbed.
  • With a moistened, permeable MNS material there is a risk of virus penetration.
  • A MNS made of permeable material should not be touched from the outside, as it is precisely in this way that the germs are absorbed that were not previously inhaled.
  • If possible, face masks should only be touched by the edges and with clean hands. It is best not to touch the inside at all. When putting on and taking off the mouth and nose mask, it is best to only touch the straps and wash your hands thoroughly before and afterwards.
  • If mouth and nose protection shows signs of damage such as cracks, holes or the like, it should be disposed of immediately.
  • An MNS should not be shared with other people.
  • The MNS is not suitable for small children: danger of suffocation!
  • Natural rubber can cause allergies.
  • If you are allergic to natural rubber, we recommend using a mouth and nose mask made from a different material.

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